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*You must be 18 years or older to establish a Meckcom Internet account. Personal and billing information cannot be taken from anyone other than the person(s) establishing the account.  All customers who sign-up for a Meckcom Internet account are subject to credit check and approval by Meckcom.

*Meckcom will not be held responsible for any toll charges incurred as a result of connecting to Meckcom. It is the customerís responsibility to insure that the dial-up number chosen is correct for his/her local area.

*Meckcom does not issue refunds for unused Internet Access.  Written notification of disconnection is the responsibility of the customer and is required prior to the start of the next billing cycle.  Such notification can be mailed to Meckcom, PO Box 511, South Boston, VA 24592 or emailed to us at

*Meckcom Internet Service is a prepaid service. All Internet fees are due by the 11th day of each month. Any balance carried past 30 days is subject to 1.5% finance charge per month with a minimum $2 service charge. Accounts with balances open 45 days will be disconnected. Reconnection of a delinquent account requires full payment of account balance, all finance charges, and a $5 minimum reconnect fee. Delinquent accounts not resolved within 30 days of disconnection will be forwarded to collections and subject to the maximum collection fee allowed by law.

*All returned checks subject to $25 return check fee and will result in immediate disconnection of services until the balance and fees have been paid.

*Further explanation of Meckcom's Terms of Agreement can be viewed on the Meckcom Acceptable Use Policy.

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